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VX1 HEX Files

Our complete SW package is now free of charge.  Includes user configurable motorcontroller SW, Runke/EVPS and ESD charger SW, ICM SW, and a VX1 Configurator GUI shown below.  The GUI is also used for configuring our temperature sensor HW.

VX1 Configurator

Download this zip file 

VX1 Full Package SW  (supports ESD and Runke chargers, Li or Nickel applications)

Download and unzip VX1 Full Package SW
Copy the VX1 Configurator to the same directory as your Vectrix Diagnostics.
Run the original Vectrix Diagnostics to install the MC, ICM, and either the ESD or RNK charger SW.  
     Note:  EVPS and Runke refer to the same charger.  Runke changed its name to EVPS.
Close the diagnostics and run the VX1 Configurator (you cannot run both at the same time)
Set the parameters according to your battery system.

Instrument Cluster SW