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Dual/Rally Info

Our Dual Sport and Rally Computer was designed for both competitive and non-competitive racing so you can easily track mileage, speed, time etc. The features were designed for typical long distance events where you need to frequently reset your mileage.   The odometer can be configured to read out in miles or kilometers and display to either tenths or hundredths of miles or kilometers.

Dual Sport and Rally Features

  • Five 65,000 mile resettable trips.
  • Speed averages over time and distance, resettable during ride.
  • Elapsed, riding, stopwatch, and time of day clocks.
  • Main odo and speedo on one screen.  Can be configured for one button "reset to zero" or with a 2 step method to prevent accidental resets.
  • Secondary 99.99 mile odo with either speed or elapsed time on one screen.  Speed or elapsed time easily selectable.
  • Both odos can read out in tenths or hundredths
  • Tire size easy to adjust before and during a ride to match course mileage.
  • Same rugged design as our enduro computer.
  • Compact design, only 1.8 x 4.7 x 0.8"
  • CNC machined from billet aluminum
  • Aluminum thumbswitch with large easy to use buttons
  • Low power.  Approximately 1000 hrs of "on time".
  • Rugged sensor wire fits all pre drilled models of bikes
  • Large easy to read display.